Bogart & Co.

Retro with a Modern Twist.

Just adjacent to the Pacific Gallery & Patio, you'll find Bogart & Co., which emanates its own unique and inviting vibe. Here, guests can mingle and connect before or after programming, to create an organic buzz around your event that only our lounge-style furnishings and lighting can generate- along with a handcrafted cocktail or two, of course. 

Meeting and event attendees can step out of the exciting bustle and into the restrained elegance of Bogart & Co., with its richly contemporary atmosphere, perfect for quiet conversation and cocktails. This newly developed space is perfect for private parties, receptions and as a spot to relax and socialize during tradeshows, concerts and special events.

Metropolitan grace is Bogart & Co’s defining characteristic, with its several connected spaces artistically decorated with textured brick, dark woods, stylish steel colonnades, lounge type seating with booths, high and low tables, leather chairs and sheltered conversation nooks. Café style awnings and a patio style seating area please the eye and offer a warm invitation to come inside.

Atmosphere. You can't put your finger on it. It just is. And at the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center, it is simply stratospheric. 


Room Capacity Banquet Reception

Bogart & Co.

260 350


56 (36")


Food Area

144 (72")


VIP Lounge