Pacific Room at The Long Beach Arena

An Engineering Masterpiece.

The Pacific Room is a lavish setting that brings together sight, sound and space like no other venue in the world. We have redefined all possibilities with a room that changes its shape, size and atmosphere on command to create truly unique guest experiences that will live on in their memories long after the curtains close. 

What really puts the Pacific Room in a class of its own is the gigantic, state-of-the-art moveable ceiling truss system that allows you to raise or lower the event center's entire ceiling to achieve the exact specifications you desire

Part of being designed to create unforgettable event experiences also means giving you the tools to bring the unimaginable to life. That's why we've made the Pacific Room a true turnkey solution, with tens of thousands of dollars worth of customizable lighting systems, mood-enhancing design elements, stylish furniture, smart sound capabilities and other amenities available to you. 

Versatility is our middle name. Here's how our 46,000 sq. ft. arena can change to meet your event's seating needs. 

  Full 2/3
Banquet Capacity 3,288: 12 per round 1,550: 12 per round
Classroom Capacity 2,000 980
Theater Capacity 4,890 2,990
Reception Capacity 5,000 3,300

*These are estimates.  Actual capacity may vary according to layout.

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