The Rainbow Bridge

Get Elevated.

The Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center’s $50 million renovations and ongoing improvements are aimed at creating event spaces that maximize the ability for meeting planners to customize their events while providing turnkey solutions that dramatically reduce costs. Adding to its repertoire of Biz Bash nominated, award winning unique turnkey spaces, The Long Beach Convention Center is set to complete two additional venues this summer: “The Cove,” Southern California’s premier street party venue and “The Rainbow Bridge,” an immersive, state-of-the-art pedestrian bridge.

Incorporating design techniques adopted from TED, a conference which called Long Beach home for 5 years, The Cove special event space occupies the area in front of the Seaside Meeting Rooms below the Terrace Theatre. Six crystal chandeliers hang from the concrete ceiling over the entryway giving the area an aura of urban elegance for arriving guests. The concrete pillars, walls, and ceiling of the underpass are decorated with special light fixtures designed to look like barnacles, fabricated by the same designers who worked on Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. Decorative starfish and other marine motifs adorn the ceiling, walls, and pillars, while vivid arrays of more than 110 LED stage and pinpoint lights provide customizable lighting schemes to suit any planner’s imagination. The total effect will be an under-the-pier fantasy scene.

Overhead, providing a more efficient pathway to The Cove from the Promenade side of the Convention Center, “The Rainbow Bridge” pedestrian bridge is another state-of-the-art project at The Center that will be completed this summer. The new pedestrian bridge mimics a breaking wave in design and is illuminated by thousands of customizable LED lights, both inside the canopy, with nearly 100 downlights and landscaping lights, and an additional 70 LEDs along the underbelly of the structure, affording a more pleasurable walk between the Pine Avenue Long Beach Convention Center entrance and the Performing Arts Center theaters, Seaside Meeting Rooms, and the Long Beach Arena.