Meeting Rooms

Many Unique Spaces.

The Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center has 34 meeting rooms, plus many unique indoor and outdoor meeting and special event spaces.  Promenade Meeting Rooms 100 & 200 are located in the main lobby of the Center, along the Promenade Lobby.  The glass dome of the Lobby provides illumination by sunlight in daytime and by colorful LED lights in the evening.  The Grand Ballroom and the Promenade Ballroom are also located in this area.

Our recent $50 million investment in the modern redesign and recreation of our convention center is already paying off- attendees are discovering new ways to share and connect. With experiential enhancements such as instant access to free WiFi in meeting rooms, pod-inspired seating and other top-to-bottom upgrades, it all works together to create a conference, event or meeting like no other. 

Meeting Spaces